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Workshop & Interview Library

Supplement your coach training experience with our Workshop & Interview Library.

CTEDU Workshops

Discover Your Word of the Year with Hannah Finrow
Business Building Workshop – Let’s Get Started with John Andrew Williams
Listen-Write-Speak Meditation with Roshaunda Cade

CTEDU Interviews

Fostering Awareness with Samantha Neyland
Equity & Access with Bre Pressey
Empowering Marginalized Students with Keyanna Hawkins
Transformational Leadership with Alyn Waller
Breaking New Ground with Alyssa Kostello
Cross-cultural Coaching with Katie Hurd
Exploring Mindfulness with Jana Harris
Creative Resilience with Jenni Grover
The Entrepreneurial Journey with Noah Greenwald
Navigating Traditional Spaces w/o Sacrificing Your Authenticity w/ Wennie Lu
Advocating for Inclusive Beauty with Emme Aronson
The Go-To Person with Darlene Fountaine
The Go-To Person with Darlene Fountaine
Intentionality with Jayme Budge
Spirituality & Gratitude with Alejandra Arguindegui
Empowering Teens with Tamara Sheridan
 Helping Women Rise with Erica Penner
Coaching in Latin America with Alejandra Ascenzo
Pause and Be with Hannah Finrow
Leaning into Discomfort with Joeli Kelly
Building Courage with Aurora Geis
Cultivating Care with Bryana Ware
Path to Joy with Sandra Michelle Rovira
Self-Compassion While Growing a Coaching Practice with Ellen Gilbert
Stepping into Your Purpose with Gabrielle Matthews
Finding Your Groove with Jennifer Kjell
Reimagining Health & Wellness with Sahmura Gonzalez
Being a Force for Good with Sheree Baugh
The Inner Game of Flourishing with Andrew Dormus
Exploring the Mind with Peter and Joyce Tran
A Recipe for Wellness with Leigh Copeland
The Journey From Client to Coach with Andrew Petrillo
Exploring Being with Roshaunda Cade
Coaching Across Space and Time with Laurence Hewitt
Exploring Intrapersonal Leadership with Dr. Danny McGuire
The Catalyst of Grief with Teresa Gallis
Leveraging Perfectionism with Isabeau Iqbal
Savvy Strategies for Your Extraordinary Life with Raj Anderson
A Perspective on Racism, Humanity, and Coaching with Toni Holloway
Exploring Emotions with Zeina Habib
Coaching Tools For Resilience with Master Coach Hayden Lee
Trusting Your Journey with Jennifer Torres
Hope Theory with John Andrew Williams
Exploring Your Why with William Brydon
Establishing a Successful Coaching Practice with Sam Moinet
Unknowable Potential with Lindsay Helm
Breathwork Introduction with Katie Schomberg
Staying Engaged During Hard Times with Brittany and Edward Macdonald
The Value of Learning and Unlearning with Christine Billy
Coaching Tools to Face Anxiety with Amanda Dewey
Yoga with Amanda Keltz
Meeting Yourself with Brittany Salsman
Healing the World from a Place of Love with Charlotte Lin
Breaking Through a Clouded Mind with Scott Stoll
Confidently Navigate the Logistics of Coaching with Teresa Gallis