Overview 1 | Mentor Review

  • Professional

    A professional coach co-creates a clear and concise session agenda with the client. TIME: How well did the coach address each of the following four aspects of setting a session agenda? (Please note that this overview does not receive a grade)
  • Topic refers to what your client wants to address in the coaching session. At times you as a coach may need to make a few suggestions to get ideas flowing. However in an ideal situation, the subject of the session and what your client wants to work on comes from the client and is explored by the coach.
  • The next step is for the coach to explore both the motivation and meaning behind the agenda.
  • Agreeing on a way to measure the success of a session agenda is the next step.
  • The final piece is to succinctly state the topic, importance, and measurement as a yes/no question for your client to accept or revise.
  • Empathetic

    A coach actively listens empathetically, using imagination and intuition while staying curious and attuned with a client to pick up on even subtle shifts in a client's emotion. An effective life coach asks questions designed to provoke insight rather than gather information for the coach’s sake.
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